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Tuesday, 02nd Mar 2010
Pamela Singh, who was known as “Pamella Bordes” when she figured in quite a classy sex scandal in Br...

Woman employee hurls slipper at Judge in AP court
Friday, 26th Feb 2010
Taking a cue from the incident where footwear was hurled at the erstwhile US president George Bush, ...

Claim insurance: Heart attack death is accidental, says court
Friday, 19th Feb 2010
A death by heart attack amounts to accidental death, the Bombay High Court ruled on Thursday. Hearin...

Muslims may lose government jobs for bigamy
Wednesday, 03rd Feb 2010
After 23 years in court, a Muslim constable's plea that he did not fall afoul of a bigamy charge as ...

Sex without marriage amounts to rape. says court
Tuesday, 02nd Feb 2010
Sexual intercourse before marriage amounts to rape or it will result in victimisation or exploitatio...

Muslim law board appeals against making gay sex legal
Monday, 01st Feb 2010
The All India Muslim Personal Law Board on Monday challenged the landmark Delhi High Court judgement...

India becoming a hub of child prostitution
Friday, 29th Jan 2010
India is "becoming a hub" for largescale child prostitution rackets, the Supreme Court said today an...

Photo-shy Muslim women should not vote: Supreme Court
Friday, 22nd Jan 2010
Tamil Nadu Ajmal Khan thinks it is unIslamic for Muslim women to get photographed without a burqa. S...

High court tells mother to wait for missing child
Thursday, 21st Jan 2010
Bandra resident Manpreet Biji, 30, has filed a habeas corpus petition in the court. In it she has al...

Thursday, 21st Jan 2010
At least 14 lakh homeless people in New Delhi, including women, children, infirm and ailing, who wer...


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