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Tuesday, 25th May 2010
It has been more than two days since the Air India Express flight IX-812 crashed after overshooting ...
Tuesday, 25th May 2010
The Maharashtra anti-terrorism police are questioning a Karnataka resident they say may have been in...
Mangalore plane crash: All bodies recovered, 12 still unidentified
Monday, 24th May 2010
Grief-stricken relatives performed the last rites for some of the victims as investigators recovered...
Mangalore plane crash: Technology was available to prevent the accident
Monday, 24th May 2010
The disaster came four months after a potentially fatal crash was averted when a runway spillover sy...
Mangalore plane crash: Charred body claimed by three families
Monday, 24th May 2010
Like all rituals of death that rest on the basic need that bodies of the dead must be removed so the...
Mangalore plane crash: Rescuers tried to loot gold from dead passengers
Monday, 24th May 2010
Sources in the Immigration Department reveal that Air India Express is nicknamed ‘flight of gold’. G...
Mangalore plane crash: 27 yr old man was flying home to attend father's funeral
Monday, 24th May 2010
A 27-year-old Siddique was rushing home to Kerala on hearing his father's demise. But what awaited h...
Mangalore plane crash: Distraught father searches for son's body
Monday, 24th May 2010
Ibtedar Ali, the father of a cabin crew member who died in the crash, has been running from pillar t...
Mangalore plane crash: Pilot tried to take-off seconds before the crash
Monday, 24th May 2010
According to sources, the throttle in the cockpit, extricated from the debris, was found in a forwar...
Mangalore Plane crash: Foreign pilots behind most safety-related incidents
Sunday, 23rd May 2010
The issue of expat pilots being hired by Indian air carriers has been brewing for some years now. Sa...


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