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Kabul attackers searched and killed Indians
Saturday, 27th Feb 2010
Indians were the prime target in Friday's suicide attack carried out by Taliban terrorists in Kabul ...
8 Indians among 17 killed in Kabul blast
Friday, 26th Feb 2010
Taliban suicide bombers struck in the heart of Kabul on early on Friday killing 17 people, including...
Bihar MLA kills himself after shooting wife and daughter
Friday, 26th Feb 2010
Ruling JD(U) MLA Abhay Singh today allegedly commited suicide after shooting his wife and six-month-...
Thursday, 25th Feb 2010
A 14-year-old eighth standard student of Sharada School committed suicide at her house near Vijaya T...
Widow kills two daughters, survives suicide attempt
Thursday, 25th Feb 2010
Shilpa Joshi’s neighbour Sandeep Rawal can’t shake off the eerie feeling that he was the last to see...
Wipro employee who stole $ 4 million commits suicide
Monday, 22nd Feb 2010
Anoop Agarwal, the employee allegedly responsible for a $4 million fraud at Wipro, is believed to ha...
Kissing video leak to net, claims two lives in Kerala
Sunday, 21st Feb 2010
An 18-year-old school girl and her paramour allegedly committed suicide after video clippings of her...
Raped Dalit girl kills herself as cops let off the accused
Saturday, 20th Feb 2010
In a tragic and horrific incident a 16-year-old Dalit girl killed herself Uttar Pradesh after being ...
Adultery leads to two suicides, one murder in Bangalore
Thursday, 18th Feb 2010
An extra-marital affair took an ugly turn and wiped out a family of three in Electronic City here on...
Kannada film director Sai Prakash attempts suicide
Sunday, 14th Feb 2010
Director-cum-producer Om Sai Prakash was admitted to a private hospital at Vijayanagar on Saturday a...


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