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Interview - Genpact CEO Pramod Bhasin: Rajat Gupta did not give independent advise to Genpact
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
Interview - Genpact CEO Pramod Bhasin

According to recent news reports, Rajat Gupta was giving independent advice to Genpact while he was at McKinsey. Is that correct?

That�s not true at all. It doesn�t say that about us, if you read it carefully.

I�ve read them carefully; it names Genpact�.

No, McKinsey didn�t say that. All that it says is that McKinsey�s looked at the compensation that he received from us. Rajat was a board member and an advisory director for a time. We had other relationships with McKinsey, which are normal corporate relationships. I�m not going to talk about Rajat anymore. The report is incorrect in the way it has been framed.
Publication : Forbes India


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