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No. 1 not just in size: New book recounts TCS story
Monday, 2nd May 2011
The software and services industry was mere $152 million in the early 90s. However, the industry witnessed rapid growth and by 2001 it was worth $8 billion, with at least four Indian companies of significant size.

TCS is not just the largest IT software and services firm in India but it is also the undisputed pioneer. From the days of its inception in 1968, the company has had several firsts to its credit:

1. The first software and services company in India (1968).

2. The first Indian software company to set up operations in the US (1973).

3. The first Indian company to conceptualise and develop the network offshore delivery model.

4. The first to set up software and process engineering research centre (1981).

5. The first to establish a Global Delivery Centre (2001).

6. The first Indian software and service company to cross the magic $1 billion revenue mark (Rs 45 billion); (2002-03).

In an extract from the book Brand Building Advertising, authors MG Parameswaran and Kinjal Medh tell how IT major Tata Consultancy Services � once a publicity-shy company � communicated its strengths and competencies to the world

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