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Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
So who is this mysterious Mr Deshpande?

Not very well known outside Pune, Deshpande, 46, is a bui...

Woman assaulted and paraded naked by six in Uttar Pradesh
Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
A woman has charged six persons, including district BSP president, of assaulting and later parading ...

Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
A near-collision between an Indian Airlines aircraft and Jet Airways flight over Tiruchirappalli air...

Heatwave kills 166 monkeys near Nagpur
Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
An unusually high incidence of monkey deaths over the last three days near a dried up reservoir in t...

Salman Khan slams opponents of IIFA in Srilanka
Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
Salman Khan who's in centrestage of controversies at the eleventh edition of IIFA awards, has upset ...

Salman says Vivek Oberoi is looking ofr cheap publicity
Sunday, 06th Jun 2010
On being questioned about why he snubbed Vivek, this is what Salman Khan had to say, "Some people ju...

Salman Khan refuses to let Vivek Oberoi introduce him at IIFA
Saturday, 05th Jun 2010
There were reports that Salman refused to be introduced by Vivek, the anchor of the night, and got A...

Good friends James Cameron, Aamir Khan stay in touch
Saturday, 05th Jun 2010
Avatar director James Cameron and Aamir Khan, who met in India in March this year on at a high-power...

Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor avoid each other in Milenge Milenge photo shoot
Saturday, 05th Jun 2010
Kareena Kapoor completed a photo shoot for Boney Kapoor’s Milenge Milenge at Mehboob Studios over th...

Raavan crew skip IIFA fearing Tamil protests
Saturday, 05th Jun 2010
Reufting reports that 'Raavan' director Mani Ratnam and actors Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai s...


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