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Interview - HCL chairman Vineet Nayyar: We will acquire to fill up skill gaps
Wednesday, 1st June 2011
Interview - HCL Technologies, chairman, Vineet Nayyar

Is HCL Technologies scouting for more acquisitions after Axon?

HCL has always said that acquisition is key part of its strategy. We have just about finished a business plan for 2015 and the gaps we see are either going to be invested in an organic basis or we are going to do what we call accelerator acquisitions.

Acquisitions when we acquire would accelerate the overall growth of the company and they would be small or bigger in size. You would see most of them what we are trying to find them in Continental Europe and in cloud computing in mobility, in business analytics.

In addition to acquisition, I think you will also see increased emphasis within HCL on partnerships, joint ventures, creeping acquisitions. So, new instruments to be able to reach the same goal of trying to get into accelerated opportunity, so that they can drive a faster growth rates here compared to our colleagues in the industry.
Publication : Times of India


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