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Visa Fraud: Infosys tried to take back Jack Palmer's laptop with crucial evidence, says lawyer
Tuesday, 31st May 2011
Kenny Mendelsohn, whistle blower Jack Palmer's lawyer, has given an update on the case in which Infosys stands accused of visa fraud.

Palmer�s work laptop�which he says contains documents that would substantiate the claim of visa violations�has become a crucial piece of evidence in the case.

He says Infosys tried to get the laptop back after Mr. Palmer started cooperating several months ago with U.S. authorities, who took interest in the case.

�When Infosys learned that Mr. Palmer was cooperating with the Investigators, it demanded that he turn the laptop over to Infosys and threatened to fire him if he did not,� Mr. Mendelsohn wrote in the email. �However, Mr. Palmer on my advice opted to secure the laptop and the Investigators now have it.�
Publication : WSJ


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