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Cognizant getting ready to overtake Infosys next
Thursday, 4th August 2011
Y esterday�s news about Cognizant overtaking Wipro was just a formality. For almost two years now we�ve been hearing how Cognizant is closing the gap with Wipro. In January when Mr Premji dismantled the co-CEO model at Wipro, this was cited as one of the reasons for asking the two CEOs to go.

But what really is the significance of this ranking? Who really cares if Cognizant is number three or four? Do you think clients care? Not really. If that were the case then the industry should end at the top four to five players. We know that the Indian IT industry has a very long tail and there are many companies of different sizes there. The reason they exist is because some clients value the work they provide and want to work with them.

Publication : Forbes India
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