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Infosys made me write false welcome letters to B1 visa candidates, says whitsleblower Jack Palmer
Friday, 27th May 2011
In March of 2010, Mr. Jack Palmer alleges, he participated in a meeting in Bangalore in which Infosys management was discussing ways to �creatively� get around restrictions in the U.S. that were making it tougher to obtain H-1B visas.

Management decided to start using�or rather abusing�easy-to-obtain B-1 visas, which normally are for short-term visits such as when employees need to attend business conventions, according to the complaint.

Mr. Palmer alleged that Infosys managers asked him to write welcome letters for employees coming on B-1 visas to back up the case that they were on short-term visits for legal purposes, rather than stating the reality�that they had full-time jobs lined up in the U.S. The complaint says Mr. Palmer �was concerned about the accuracy of the letters and the legality of these employees working in the United States.�

He blew the whistle with the human resources department and refused the write the letters, the complaint says, after which company managers chastised him on a conference call for �not being �a team player.��
Publication : WSJ


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