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Depressed former Infosys employee Santosh Sarade kills daughter, hangs himself
Wednesday, 18th May 2011
Deccan Herald has reported a tragic story of a software engineer Santosh Sarade, who hanged himself in the pre-dawn hours of May 17 after killing his daughter.

DH reports that his wife "Sushma woke up around 5 am and grew suspicious as she could not see her daughter and husband. When she knocked on the door of another room, there was no response. She immediately raised an alarm and called in the neighbours. When the neighbours broke open the door, they saw Santosh hanging from the ceiling fan and the daughter from a window."

The paper says Sarade, from Bidar, has worked for Wipro and Infosys. He was unable to handle stress and started slipping into depression three years ago. DH says he resigned on May 16, without mentioning which company it was from. Did the resignation act as a trigger? Why did the child have to pay? Could he have been saved?

Whatever the answers, they make no difference to Santosh and his child.
Publication : Deccan Herald
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