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Even in mobile penetration India lags, says new study
Sunday, 8th May 2011
The annual report, called Connectivity Scorecard, states, �India performs modestly or poorly on almost all fronts. The reality is that compared to its BRIC peers, India's infrastructure requires a major improvement. For example, India's broadband penetration rate (measured as subscribers per 100 households) is around an eighth of the rate achieved in China. Even on mobile penetration, India is still substantially behind many other countries, especially Latin American countries.�

The report, conducted by the consulting firms Berkeley Research Group and Communicea, gives India a score of 1.25 whereas Malaysia and Chile have a score of over 6. Even countries like Vietnam, Tunisia and Iran are ahead of India. Only Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Kenya are below in the �Resource and Efficiency driven Economies' category.

Publication : Hindu Businessline
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