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Nokia's Symbian move hits hard two lakh Indian developers
Saturday, 7th May 2011
Several programmers Deccan Herald spoke to said Nokia was getting ready to phase out the Symbian software as it had decided to switch to Microsoft�s Windows Phone operating system (WP).

Most app developers work for small companies, which typically employ less than 10 people, and do outsourced application development work. �The end of Symbian is in sight and that has put tremendous pressure on small companies,� said a mid-level Infosys employee. Infosys is working with independent developers to promote Flypp, its mobile application platform.

�They will have to retrain their employees on other platforms such as Google�s Android and Apple�s iOS and lose revenue at least for a few months. This will hit hard many small companies, which barely manage to break even,� he said. �Besides, the uncertainty of doing business on a new platform, they will need at least two years to catch up with other companies already doing business on other platforms,� he added.
Publication : Deccan Herald
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