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Interview - Ashok Vemuri of Infosys: We will hire aggressively in the US
Friday, 6th May 2011
Interview - Ashok Vemuri: Head of Infosys BFSI and North America operations

What are your hiring plans for the region?

We will be hiring aggressively in the US. We already have 15,000 people working there, and are looking at lateral hiring and acquiring more local talent. It is difficult to give a concrete number but we are looking at hiring consultants, technology and vertical experts.

When you hire in the US and visit campuses, what is the level of brand recognition you find?

I remember going to campuses 14 years ago when nobody came to us because obviously nobody knew who we were but we have a significantly strong brand now. We are obviously overshadowed by brands such as GE but are very well-recognised in the consulting space as well as at the university level. We are liked for our corporate governance and for the way we treat our employees.
Publication : Financial Express
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