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Interview - chairman-designate, Infosys, K V Kamath: I will have only a light touch on the controls.
Monday, 2nd May 2011
Interview - chairman-designate, Infosys, K V Kamath:

Isn�t it a complicated structure at the top � chair, co-chair, MD & CEO? Why is it the most appropriate one at this point?

It is appropriate in today�s context. You have leaders in Infosys who are professionals; who set up this company and are slowly going to hand over responsibilities to younger professionals as they go along. The board feels at this crucial juncture, we need the CEO to strengthen customer, employee and investor-connect. The executive co-chair will also look after certain key responsibilities such as mentoring a whole lot of people who will become the leaders of tomorrow. In this context, this was the most appropriate structure.

You are the first outsider in a top position in Infosys and one without any technology background. Do you see any problem there?

I will have only a light touch on the controls. We will all work together. There are people with knowledge at the executive level and there are people with specialist knowledge at the non-executive level. I don�t see any problem. In any case, the board has known me long enough.
Publication : Business Standard
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