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When Narayana Murthy made Shibulal stay in office for 2 days to finish work
Sunday, 1st May 2011
From Narayana Murthy's speech on April 30, after Shibulal's appointment as CEO and MD of Infosys

I would like to say an incident that is etched in my memory that demonstrates Mr. Shibulal's commitment and that goes back to 1980 when Mr. Shibulal was working with me at Patni Computer Systems Limited. I used to handle both software as well as computer sales at PCS and I used to be really busy and I had very little time for meetings with my colleagues.

So one day when Mr. Shibulal came to me to report to me progress on a very complex, very advanced piece of system software work that he was doing, I was in a bad mood and I said Shibu, you will not go home until you complete this task. I just forgot about it and 2 days later, my wife and I we had gone to entertain a customer at dinner at Taj and while returning, I said look, why do not we zip through the office, it was 1 o'clock in the morning and as we entered the office, the long corridor, I found somebody in a lungi working at a computer terminal and then I asked the security man who was new, who did not know who I was, he said who is that man who is inside because I could see only his back and that man said, sir that fellow is a very unfortunate guy because he has a very bad boss. I said what is the matter, what happened.

He said his boss told him not to go home until he completed his work and this man has not gone home for 48 hours and that is the kind of commitment that Shibulal has demonstrated and I am so happy that he will be steering the company in the future. Therefore I would say as I leave the company on August 21st, 2011, I wish all the 3 best of everything, thank you.

Here is a very interesting comment we found on Economic Times. What do you think:

Shibulal... hmm.. he stayed at office 2 days just because his boss said so in bad mood.. only dumb followers can do that and not the leaders.. he may be good as professional but doesn't seem to be a good leader.. lacks the persona and charisma needed to be good a leader of 1.3 lakh infy employees...
Publication : Economic Times


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