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Indian IT firms aiming real small on cloud, says Forrester
Thursday, 28th April 2011
Forrester has come out a report which attributes a minuscule marketshare of just around 6.25% for the segment Indian companies are all focusing on.

While foreign firms -- web players like and, packaged software makers like Microsoft, Oracle and SAP and hardware vendors like IBM and Dell -- are all aiming for the heart of the cloud market, Indian outsourcing firms may be aiming for what may become just a tiny sliver of the whole market.

Big Indian IT brands, which have very little stake in the packaged software market or the hardware (server) market, have, unsurprisingly, been late to the party. But since they have expertise in outsourcing and client-servicing, they are trying to enter the cloud market by integrating cloud-services in their outsourcing contracts.
Publication : RTN-Asia
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