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Interview - HCL Axon President Steve Cardell: HCL better than TCS and Infosys in enterprise segment
Tuesday, 26th April 2011
How is HCL Axon doing?

The Enterprise Application Services (EAS) line of business is now contributing 22 per cent towards HCL�s total revenue. If you look at the last four quarters, we have pretty much grown at the company average. We have grown at 7.6 per cent in the last four quarters. The company has grown at 7.5 per cent. So, we are right in the middle of the road in terms of growth of the EAS which is essentially SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and consulting services. If you compare that to how many of our competitors are doing, you will see that we are registering strong growth in EAS.

What are the reasons for such robust growth?

HCL services offerings have broadened because of the acquisition of Axon. Compared to TCS and Infosys our enterprise service offerings are much broader.

Publication : Business Standard


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