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Infosys whistleblower Jay Palmer gets second death threat; Indian hand suspected
Tuesday, 26th April 2011
Jay Palmer, the Infosys Technologies employee and whistleblower who has filed a lawsuit against the company alleging visa and tax fraud, last week received a second death threat, this time with a reference to his family included in the message. According to Palmer�s attorney, Infosys has taken no action to protect Palmer or his family.

Palmer, had received a death threat in February, several days after his lawsuit became public:

[W]hen Palmer went to work at the client site on Feb. 28, the Monday after the lawsuit was filed, he logged onto his computer and found a death threat on the desktop. �Jack, just leave. You�re not wanted here,� the message read. �Hope your journey brings you death, stupid American.�

Palmer received the second threat via email on April 21, and it was even more sinister. The email, reads as follows (spelling as it appears in the email):

if you make cause for us to sent back to india we will destroy you and yuor family

Publication : IT Business Edge
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