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Interview Narayana Murthy: I still want to become the President of India
Saturday, 16th April 2011
The big-media guys got exclusive time with the most powerful man in Infosys, Narayana Murthy. The company, known for its high margins and stellar brand, has taken a hit on both the fronts. There is churn at the top, confusion among employees and concern in the market. Infy shares have just fallen by a steep 10%.

Call it gratitude for access or plain stupidity, the interview skips all of these issues. They have a nice chat on good old times, loyal colleagues and Murthy's plan for his future, which he says is the vanaprastha phase of his life. Surpise, the great man still harbours presidential ambitions despite the national anthem fiasco in Mysore.

Sample this:

Will President of India be the right role?

That is not for me to comment on. If there is a role that will help me inspire millions, I will be happy. I don't have anything on my mind.

Will you be officially connected with Infosys after this?

They have passed a resolution that I will be Chairman Emeritus after I retire. I will have no official responsibility in the board or operations. However, it gives each Infoscion a right to consult me on any issue they want to consult me with. For instance, in Hindu philosophy, one has to enter Vanaprastha after a certain age. That does not mean you have to be in a forest. It means that we have to behave as if we are in a forest. Keep your mouth shut. You should answer only when someone asks you. At this stage in your life, you should be seen but not heard.

You are known as a leader who always has the last word when it comes to making big decisions. Is Infosys going to miss that?

Nandan always used to joke about me. He said you will never understand us because you never had a boss. Because I first went to IIM Ahmedabad, which is a collegiate institute. Then I went to Paris as one of the 18 members that built an operating system. Later, I came to PCS where I had one of the finest bosses who was so kind and never behaved like a boss. On my part I delivered everything I promised. In Infosys, I was the boss from day one. So Nandan would say, you will never understand because you have never had a boss. Because I have grown up like that, I have never had difficulties in taking decisions.

Publication : Economic Times


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