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58-year-old Ralph DeVito of New Jersey sues Infosys for age discrimination
Wednesday, 30th March 2011
Over the past few weeks, two individual lawsuits alleging H1B misuse and age discrimination in local hiring have been filed against Infosys, the country's second biggest tech firm that counts JP Morgan among its top customers.

While Infosys is the only company to have faced individual lawsuits, tougher visa regulations are affecting business for India's $60-billion software exports industry. For instance, US visa rejection rates for Indian techies have doubled from around 4% to over 8% over the past nine months.

In the age discrimination suit filed by 58-year-old Ralph DeVito of New Jersey against Infosys, he has alleged that the company rejected his application filed through job portal despite having adequate experience. According to the complaint, Infosys had set the maximum experience as 25 years, which DeVito had while applying in August 2009.

"The maximum experience requirements constituted a limitation, specification or discrimination as to age i.e. a de facto age limit because they were more likely to eliminate applicants for the Infosys positions who were age forty or older," DeVito said in his complaint, a copy of which is with ET.

Publication : Economic Times
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