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Despite problems, Indian BPOs see good days ahead
Thursday, 6th January 2011
When things are bad, everybody comes up with his own strategy. Mr Ashutosh Vaidya, Senior Vice-President, Wipro BPO Solutions, is somebody who believes in the strength of integrated offerings. �According to various reports in the papers, in general, things are not rosy for pure plays,� he pointed out. (Pure play BPO companies are those that offer only BPO and no IT services).

He adds that over the last two to three years, Wipro BPO Solutions has had a good time when the global economy was not doing well and points out that �We have had no issues over the last three quarters.�

Mr Vaidya feels that customers who want both IT and BPO solutions come to companies like Wipro and says that one advantage he has over a pure play BPO company is that a pure play BPO has to depend on an external IT partner in case the solution calls for it.

He says that since the BPO industry depends on business volumes for healthy financials, when the economy falters, so does the BPO industry. �The positive thing is that we are getting new customers, but we are experiencing low volumes both from new customers and old customers.�
Publication : Hindu Business Line
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