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Kannada actress Amulya caught kissing director Ratnaja; blackmail expected
Thursday, 10th June 2010
he Kannada film ndustry is all agog after a photo showing director Ratnaja allegedly kissing teenage actress Amulya appeared in its midst.

Ratnaja (who directed two hits, Nenapirali and Premism) says a man who identified himself as Vijaya Krishna tried to blackmail him with the photo.

The director says he received a call on May 14, at 1 pm, with a demand for money. “He asked me for my email ID. I did not respond to him. I warned him that if he called again I would file a police complaint. He called once more and I told my advocate,” Ratnaja said.

Vijaya Krishna allegedly did not respond to the advocate's calls and text messages. “Two days ago, my associate called to say that a photo was doing the rounds. I did not complain earlier because the actress would also be put to trouble for the act of some pervert,” Ratnaja told Bangalore Mirror over the phone.
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