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Fear of Salman Khan: Good friends Saif, Kareena abandon Vivek Oberoi at a party
Thursday, 10th June 2010
Recent news has it that even the famous Bollywood couple Saifeena, who are otherwise on very good terms with Vivek Oberoi, snubbed him in favour of Salman as soon as the latter entered a party scene.

A source said to a news daily, ďA lot of stars present at the after party were avoiding Vivek. But it was surprising to see that even Saif and Kareena maintained their distance, because they are good friends with him. Since Salman Khan was present, chatting up Vivek wasnít something anyone seemed interested in doing. Salman himself didnít say a word or even look in Vivekís direction, but the cold vibes were apparent.Ē
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