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Bhopal gas victims got just Rs 12000 as compensation
Tuesday, 8th June 2010
On 14 February 1989, SC announced that it had approved a settlement between the Central government and Union Carbide settling all compensation claims and criminal matters. Under this deal, Carbide paid Rs 713 crore as compensation. Of this, Rs 113 crore was paid to those with damage to property or cattle deaths. The remaining Rs 600 crore was to be distributed to kin of 3,000 dead and 1 lakh injured. The casualty figures were arbitrarily arrived at since no scientific survey was done. As it turned out, the number of dead increased to 20,000 and number of injured shot up to 5.73 lakh. Since the compensation amount was already fixed and deposited, it was distributed among five times the number of victims. Thus, on an average, each victim has received just Rs 12,410. Two installments of compensation have been given till now to the injured.
Publication : Times of India


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