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Liar, Liar: 17 year old Parteek Bajwa 'rubs shoulders with Obama', to impress his parents
Monday, 7th June 2010
Parteek Bajwa (17) was believed to have flown to the US on May 30 on a chartered flight sponsored by President Barack Obama. But investigation by Hindustan Times showed that he had been to Shimla. On May 28, Bajwa told HT that the Guinness Book of World Records had adjudged him the "youngest microbiologist in the world".

The "documents" were all there. And he was "going to the US" on a special project on "increase human longevity".

But when Hindustan Times pressed him, Bajwa, who indeed stood seventh in the Armed Forces Medical College Exam, said he gave out such stories to make his parents happy.
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