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Despite her accent, Katrina Kaif says she is not a foreigner
Sunday, 6th June 2010
Forty-eight hours ago, “Rajneeti”, the film, opened to good reviews, fuelling talk that Katrina Kaif was here to stay as Bollywood’s reigning diva. Not so, says the actress, the real star is the movie, not the actor. She talks marriage, Salman Khan and her “foreign” accent with Bharati Dubey . Excerpts:

How do you react when people say that you are a foreigner?

I take offence! Just because I have an accent does not mean that. Lakshmi Mittal resides in London and has an accent; that doesn’t mean that you will take his citizenship away from him. I am not an alien. I don’t mind being called an angel as there’s no parentage involved, but certainly not a foreigner or an outsider.
Publication : Times of India
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