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Bipasha did not know she was exposing breasts in topless ad
Friday, 4th June 2010
The commercial shows Bipasha Basu completely nude from back, while her breasts also become visible when she turns towards camera for a particular shot. The theme of the advertisement was that of a lottery promotion with a tag line that you need only a dollar and a dream to make it.

Bipasha Basu is shown in the advertisement as getting ready to dress for her wedding to groom Vivek Oberoi. It was during this change of costume that her back portion is completely visible to camera and Bips knew it at that time.

However, as far as her breast exposure is concerned, Bips feigns ignorance about it and says that she was just told to look at the camera at a particular angle, but she failed to realize that her breasts too would become exposed to the camera.

Publication : Star Dust
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