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Stranger than fiction: Three sisters lost pilot husbands in air crashes
Tuesday, 25th May 2010
The wives of Capt Golikeri and Capt Shamsunder were sisters. Both were widowed in 1979 when an Indian Airlines Avro, in which Capt Golikeri was the pilot and Capt Shamsunder a passenger flying to Mumbai to operate another flight, crashed. Uncannily enough, their third sister, who was also married to a pilot, Capt Gopuphkar, lost him 11 years later in the A320 crash in Bangalore.

The sisters' triple tragedy is one of many stories that have been surfacing during conversations of pilots' families. The last time these families collided head-on with their worst fears was in 2000 after the Patna Boeing 737 crash.
Publication : Times of India


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