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Adani Power CEO R.K. Madan, 68, stabbed several times inside Delhi home
Wednesday, 12th May 2010
In Gurgaon, forget being safe on the road, you are not safe in your own house. This is what the Adani Power Limited (APL) CEO and director R.K. Madan (68) found out on Monday night. Madan was stabbed 10 times, mostly on the head, by two armed assailants in his own bedroom in his house in DLF City.

He was asleep when the assailants struck. His wife was sleeping with their 16-year-old daughter in another room, the police said. Pooja, Madan's elder daughter, who lives in Heritage City, a little distance from K-block of DLF Phase II, said the incident occurred around 2.45 am.

"There were probably two assailants who entered my father's room. Sensing their presence, my father woke up. It was then that they attacked him with daggers.
Publication : Yahoo India
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