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Rare pheasants die at Himachal's Sarahan pheasantry
Friday, 7th May 2010
One female Western tragopan died three days ago, while the other died last week at Sarahan pheasantry, 160 km from state capital Shimla. Officials say bacterial infection caused at least one of the deaths. There are now 11 pairs left for breeding at the pheasantry.

'Two fully grown Western tragopans died at the Sarahan pheasantry. The latest one was female Western tragopan, which died while laying eggs three days ago,' Chief Conservator (Faunal Diversity and Protected Areas) Sanjeeva Pandey told IANS.

He said the female bird was infected with Escherichia coli bacteria, while the other one died due to some internal injuries. The Western tragopan is the state bird of Himachal Pradesh.
Publication : Yahoo India
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