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92-year-old woman battles top Punjab police officer who killed her son
Sunday, 2nd May 2010
When a teary-eyed 92-year-old widow in a wheelchair deposed in a city court, she took a small but crucial step forward in her 16-year-long battle against a senior Punjab cop who allegedly killed her financier son and a relative in 1994.

According to Kaur, while Saini was posted as SSP of Ludhiana he had a dispute with her financier son Vinod Kumar and his brother-in-law Ashok Kumar when they refused to help him over an issue.

As a result, Saini allegedly implicated Vinod and Ashok Kumar in a case of financial misappropriation in 1994, she alleged.

Vinod and Ashok were picked up along with their driver and illegally detained by police, after which they disappeared, she alleged.

Kaur alleged that the two were murdered.

Publication : Yahoo India


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