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13 yr old boy testifies against mother for killing dad in Ghaziabad
Wednesday, 28th April 2010
When 13-year-old Bunty took the witness box at a Ghaziabad court on Tuesday, he knew what he was doing. He knew that whatever he would say in the witness box would have the power to send his mother to jail.

Bunty didn't flinch. For 45 minutes, Bunty answered each question that the defence advocates asked during his grilling.

Bunty was testifying against his own mother, his uncle and another accused who had allegedly murdered his father Vinod Kumar (41) in February 2009 in Bhojpur area of Ghaziabad. Bunty's testimony was enough for the court to hand the three accused a life sentence.

Although there were six other witnesses who saw the accused moving Kumar's body after the murder, it was Bunty's testimony that nailed the three-his mother Kusum Kumar (38), her brother-in-law Satish Kumar (42) and their accomplice Sudhir Kumar. Bunty's father, Kumar, was murdered around 1.30 a.
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