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Mumbai film festival highlights gay rights in India
Monday, 26th April 2010
It's the first time in India that more than 100 gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-sexual based films, from 25 countries, including Australia, the UK, France and Israel have got past the censors to be shown in a public cinema alongside mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood releases.

For many attending the Kahish festival, like Indian playwright Mahesh Dattani, it's a step forward and recognition for the country's gay community.

"I think this a hugely important event, we've never had a queer film festival," he's told Radio Australia's Connect Asia program.

"I think there's so many myths and misnomers about queerness, about sexuality in general and I think this gives the audience an opportunity to try and understand and to actually see for themselves what queer love is and what queerness is about."
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