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Sunanda Pushkar speaks about Sanjay Raina, Sujith Menon, Shashi Tharoor and IPL
Friday, 23rd April 2010
Would you like to put the facts on record first?
I donít really want to. My son and parents have already suffered enough on this. How many times I got married, who I dated ó what does any of that have to do with the IPL?

Thatís true, but unfortunately the absence of facts has allowed everyone to maul your image.
My first marriage was a very dark period in my life. Everyoneís saying Sanjay Raina divorced me, but I divorced him. The truth is Sujit rescued me. He gave me the strength, as a friend, to quit a very painful marriage. I got my divorce in 1988 and went off to Dubai in 1989. I married Sujit in 1991; my son Shivy was born in November 1992.

What about Sujitís death?
My husband died in an accident in Karol Bagh (Delhi) in March 1997. Sujit was a financial consultant and had run into some financial trouble. But that was less important to me than the fact that after his death, Shivy suddenly stopped talking. He was barely four. I began to look for the best affordable healthcare and thatís how I hit upon Canada. I moved there to help my son.

Part of the muck being thrown at you for having sweat equity in the Kochi team is that you donít have professional standing that merits it.
I cannot tell you how insulted I feel. The media has said for Rs70 crore, the Kochi team could have hired any foreign marketing firm, why would they pick me? No one seems to have understood the basics about sweat equity: there is no Rs70 crore on the table; not one paisa has changed hands, and there will be no profits for years to pay anybody.

Could you then run us through your career graph a bit?
Publication : Tehelka
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