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Himachal women fast in temples to bring rain
Friday, 16th April 2010
Women devotees of the drought affected Braila village and its neighbouring areas in Himachal Pradesh's Sirmour District have been fasting for over a week for rain.

Over the past seven days, they have gathered at local temples, praying for the rain gods to shower the blessings with ample downpour.

It is believed by the locals that during drought if they offer prayers in the temple of Bijat Maharaj (local rain god), their fasting penance is answered with the clouds opening up to drench their areas with good showers.

This traditional ritual of fasting is known as 'Nahrol'.

The villagers in Sirmour region as well as the priest of the temple said that this tradition of pleasing the god for rain has been in vogue from times immemorial.
Publication : DNA
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