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Disabled Bhopal girl teaching needy children
Sunday, 11th April 2010
Bhopal, April 10 (ANI): A specially-abled girl here turned an inspiration for all around, as she has not just educated herself upto matriculation but also lately taken to teaching the needy children in her neighbourhood despite her physical condition.

Since childhood Ranjana Malviya has been suffering from Cerebral Palsy, described as a group of disorders that impair muscle co-ordination and motor movements.

Though she cannot walk or use her hands and is carried around by her parents, she never lost hope and remained resolute to learning and educating herself.

She has been crippled since birth and educated herself by writing by mouth. Moreover, to expose herself to different forms of creativity she has also taken deep interest in painting and writing poems.

Today, having withdrawn herself from education because of extreme physical condition, today she teaches children up to standard five.

"Every child wishes to be educated. But I was a bit different, I couldn't write with my hands. You can say it was a God gift that I started mouth-writing. I have cleared my Class 10 exams. I also write poems and do painting. However, due to extreme physical weakness I could not study further. I had to withdraw from my studies," said Ranjana.
Publication : Yahoo News
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