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Girl student made to take off shirt during exam
Sunday, 28th March 2010
A girl student appearing for her high school examination was made to take off her shirt in the classroom by a woman invigilator who suspected her of concealing some written material for cheating inside her clothes. The girl's parents Friday protested against the incident.

The girl was appearing for the Uttar Pradesh board high school examination in Modi Nagar of Ghaziabad Thursday.

The father of the girl Jaivir Chaudhary said his daughter is a student of PBS Inter College, Adarsh Nagar, in Modi Nagar but her examination centre was in the Girl Inter College in the town.

On Thursday morning, when the girl was sitting to take her English paper, a woman invigilator, heading a checking squad, reached the examination hall. The woman asked the girl to stand on her seat for being checked. When her accompanying staff did not find any suspicious article on the girl, the invigilator asked the girl to take off her shirt for proper checking.
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