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CAT returns to haunt 10,000 students
Wednesday, 13th Jan 2010
Initially, phase II of CAT was meant only for those who failed to take last year’s exam but now, the...

Another student hangs herself in Maharashtra
Wednesday, 13th Jan 2010
Nashik: A 16-year-old girl today committed suicide by hanging herself at her residence in Satpur loc...

Another student ends life in Mumbai
Tuesday, 12th Jan 2010
A 17-year-old student allegedly ended life at her residence in suburban Kandivali, police said today...

U rite like dis in xam, u’ll get 0 in exams
Tuesday, 12th Jan 2010
U cn no lngr use sms wrds in exams as blr univ hs bnd dem. After tearing their hairs trying to decip...

Two students commit suicide in Akola district
Tuesday, 12th Jan 2010
An 18-year-old girl student Kavita Suresh Pawar committed suicide by hanging herself to death by a s...

Bangalore university says no to course on astrology
Tuesday, 12th Jan 2010
The heads of all science disciplines in the university unanimously rejected the government’s plan to...

IIT Kanpur students asked to vacate hostels
Tuesday, 12th Jan 2010
The 38 students of IIT Kanpur who were denied admission into fresh semester this year for "bad acade...

Teen kills self in Mumbai to 'meet' her deceased father
Sunday, 10th Jan 2010
Mumbai, Jan 9 (PTI) A college student today allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself at her re...

38 IIT idiots accuse authorities of harassment
Sunday, 10th Jan 2010
Over three dozen students of IIT Kanpur, who have not been promoted to next semester, today alleged ...

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