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Smaller companies offer better learning opportunities for beginners
Tuesday, 26th July 2011
Speaking to Business Line, the Chief Executive of Kalycito, Mr K Bhagath, said �We have been successful in getting and to some extent retaining quality talent pool. No big company is able to pay a �high� package for beginners. Our starting pay is a lot more attractive than the offer made by bigger players. So freshers are drawn to companies such as ours,� he added.

While stating that a career in smaller companies could be a learning experience for beginners, he conceded that it could be challenging as well. �Within a month or two of initiation, the candidate gets to interact with the client. So, they have to be sharp, smart, quick to absorb and understand details and responsible as well. Since the team size is not huge, each member gets to interact with the management team and we in turn, are able to mentor and monitor their performance closely.�
Publication : hindu businessline
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