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IBM, HP supercomputers ahead in India
Friday, 1st July 2011
The supercomputer at Computational Research Laboratories (CRL), jointly built with HP and armed with 172.60 TFlops (teraflops), has topped the 2011 Supercomputers in India list. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing ranked second with its Param cluster supercomputer.

IBM, with its Blue Gene solution jointly developed with the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai, came third.

IBM, however, had six of its high-performance computing (HPC) installations across India in the list that comprised 16 supercomputers. HP followed with five and SGI with three systems.

TIFR, which was ranked seventh in the December 2010 list with a processing capacity of 15.5TFlops, improved its ranking to third this time, with a capacity of 27.85 Tflops. It replaced the one installed at IISc (Bangalore) which has a processing speed of 22.94 Tflops
Publication : Businessline
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