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Wipro built a green campus to manage water crisis in Bangalore: Azim Premji
Tuesday, 7th June 2011
Despite all our good work on water, a few years ago, one of our large campuses almost came to a halt because there was no water. In the summer, we are prepared for days of no water supply from the local civic bodies. This particular day, towards the end of summer, when we ran out of water, our ground water was down to inaccessible levels, the harvested water was long finished, and the civic supply was simply absent.

The final straw was when the operations of the commercial suppliers of water, who supply water in �tankers�, came to a stop on that particular day. We were frantic, with a few thousand people on the campus, most of the day still to go, and no water on campus. As we investigated quickly, we realised what had happened.

Publication : Forbes India
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