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Wipro may sponsor sporting events to build brand in emerging markets
Friday, 27th May 2011
Wipro�s plans of tieing up with sports companies are in definition similar to what Mahindra Satyam did during the FIFA 2010. Erstwhile Satyam had secured the IT services contract for FIFA (managing ticketing systems etc.) and also sponsored the event. There are mixed reactions in terms of the ROI from the sponsorship but in my view, it did help the company get some much needed visibility and positive press in a time when there was nothing going Satyam�s way. However, Mahindra Satyam has secured the IT services contract for the 2014 FIFA as well!

Wipro is following the same concept and wants to gain visibility in emerging markets especially Australia. These emerging markets offer huge market potential but are relatively less competitive than the market in US. So, to catch the eyeballs of one and many, co-sponsoring a big sporting event in the region might play out well for Wipro from a marketing perspective.
Publication : Trak.In
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