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Interview - Genpact CEO Pramod Bhasin: Tiger is terrific and I can't stop senior managers from leaving
Monday, 23rd May 2011
Interview - Genpact CEO Pramod Bhasin

What adds to the doubts is that a number of senior managers have left in the last few months. Vivek, Manish, Tajinder, Navnait, Riju....

Well, they all left for different reasons. Some because there was no opportunity I could give them. Some for performance issues and so on. Take for example, Riju. She is absolutely brilliant. Will I ever want her to leave? No. She was ready to take next level of responsibilities. If that was not available, she had to leave.

As you know, Genpact has many leaders who have been with the company for very long periods. Mohit, Mudit, Anju, Harpreet-you know many of them. And you know they have been with the company for a very long time. Now, they may also, at some point of time, want to leave. Will I like that? No. But these are decisions individuals take based on many things. You cannot stop that.

Also, we are moving many P&L leaders to the US.

And yes, there is this new crop that have come up. Many of them. You probably have not met them. You should meet them.
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