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Majority of the Android devices run on on version 2.2
Wednesday, 11th May 2011
Each month Google discloses the version distribution to inform publishers what the utility of developing for a speicific version could be.

In the past months a trend towards a general adoption of Android 2.x could be observed and as of May 2nd, the majority of the devices operate on Android 2.2. 24.5% of the devices has been identified as running Android 2.1 while the completely outdated versions 1.5 and 1.6 are still running on about 5% of the devices actively accessing Android Market. As much functionality that is available in Android 2.x is not available in earlier versions this remains an issue for developers.

The latest addition to the Android platform, Honeycomb, is specifically developed for tablets. According to the latest figure Google reported, about 0.3% of all devices that accessed Google Android Market in the two weeks period, ending 2 may 2011, were running Android 3.0 i.e., Honeycomb.
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