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Honeycomb is for tablets not phones
Wednesday, 11th May 2011
At a press event on Wednesday, a Google spokesperson confirmed that Android 3.0 Honeycomb will not be made available for Android-powered smartphones, PC Magazine reports. The new Android 3.0 operating system was designed specifically for tablets, according to the report. Andrew Kovacs, a spokesman for Google, said that features from Honeycomb �will arrive on phones over time,� but he declined to elaborate on when Android smartphone users might expect these new features to begin rolling out to phones.

Google gave an extensive demonstration of the Honeycomb operating system at its press event, highlighting exciting new features like the completely revamped UI and enhanced video calling. Some of the features might not translate well to smaller screens, but others would be welcome additions to smartphone versions of Android, which now rely heavily on third-party tweaks to aid usability.
Publication : BGR
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