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Android: 450,000 developers working worldwide on 310 products
Wednesday, 11th May 2011
On the first day of I/O conference Google shared interesting statistics about Android developers. 450,000 developers are at work on 310 products in 112 countries. 400,000 new devices now being activated every day. The 200,000 apps in the Android Market have now been downloaded 4.5 billion times.

The number of Android developers is growing but yet not large. Nokia till it decided to kick out Symbian developers had 200,000 developers working on that platform only in India. This large community could have played a crucial role in helping Nokia fight back. But by changing its platform strategy every 6 months and finally by switching over to Windows Phone Nokia is rapidly losing this community to competition, mainly Android.

Other important Android stats and facts:

100 million Android devices have been activated worldwide.

It took Google two years to see one billion installs, then fie months to get to two billion.

Android Market is being extended to Google TV. Android also announced a new movie-rental service through Android Market.

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