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Former CEO Eric Schmidt shares Google's hiring philosophy
Saturday, 7th May 2011
Former CEO Eric Schmidt discussed the company�s personnel philosophy and corporate culture with McKinsey director James Manyika at a McKinsey conference in mid-March.

Here are key take-aways:

1) Be prepared for brain teasers, though academic records are very important

Can you explain how you would stick an elephant in a refrigerator or figure out how many piano tuners work in New York?

2) Be your own man - work without supervision
�At Google, we give the impression of not managing the company because we don�t really. It sort of has its own borg-like quality if you will. it sort of just moves forward.�

3) No need for a winning personality. Schmidt emphasized the importance of getting the right people, but acknowledged the right people aren�t always the most personable.

4) Have stamina to face 5 job interviews

Publication : Giga Om
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