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IIT-Madras student Nitin Kumar Reddy's suicide is statistically insignificant, says dean Govardhan
Friday, 6th May 2011
Here is perhaps a scene straight from 3 idiots. An insensitive administration at IIT-Madras allegedly drove a student Nitin Kumar Reddy to suicide. Nitin's father has even lodged a police complaint against Nitin's guide and the tragic incident is now under investigation.

When a Times of India reporter spoke to dean Govardhan M, the man had the gall to say that the death of 3 out of 5000 students was not statistically important. His comments in full:

"Why are you always reporting negative news about IIT Madras? We also have the maximum number of patents but you didn't report that. But you would want to report the death of 3 out of 5000 students which is statistically not important. Why don't you go to other engineering institutes and find out how many died there. Why only IIT?"

Then he blames Nitin's death on his mental status.

"Do you know the student who died yesterday had a medical history of psychological problems from childhood? But obviously you don't want to investigate."

The learned dean went to add, according to Times of India: "We have come to know from his friends that when he could not clear JEE in an attempt, he went into depression."

Publication : Times of India
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