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Interview - Wipro CEO Kurien: Wipro is now simpler, more employee friendly
Thursday, 28th April 2011
How different is Wipro�s structure now when compared with the same a quarter ago?

It is very simple. We brought in a concept of single-axis instead of the three-axes model that existed. Earlier, when a customer placed an order, and till the time we delivered it, it used to go through seven hubs. Now, it goes through two hubs. This makes the entire delivery process easy and simple.

Your employees seem to be worried after the restruc-turing, which has resulted in high attrition. How are you addressing that?

A majority of our employees belong to generation Y. The problem with GenY is, if you can�t communicate with them properly, you are nowhere. We have stepped up our communication with them, but I don�t think we have done the best. We have to do much more.
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